Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finally here

Meet Angus and Mocha (twins).....the last of the lambs to be born. They made their appearance late Tuesday afternoon. Angus first, followed by Mocha. Carrie, their mama, had an easy time lambing (thankfully) and enjoying her twins. She is such a good mama. Angus is a katmoget male (the light colored lamb). Mocha is a chocolate brown female (ewe) with white spots (the dark colored lamb). And she has lots of spots! Unfortunately it looks like she will end up being brownish-gray in color with white spots once she gets a bit older. She will keep the chocolate brown legs and face though. Shetlands have this funny way of changing color as they get older.....or at least most of them do anyway. With Mocha, you can see the color change when you part her wool. It's lighter in color near the skin. This will eventually be her "grown-up" color.

The birth of these lambs was bittersweet. It was wonderful to see them being born......and will be a joy to watch them grow. It was also a bit sad knowing that these will be the last lambs born as my flock has gone from a breeding flock to a spinner's flock. The upside is that now I get to look forward to years of beautiful fleeces for me to spin without all the worries and hard work that a breeding flock brings. With the addition of the new lambs my flock now consists of 21 beautiful, loving, playful Shetland a nice variety of color.


  1. These lambs are so cute. It always amazes me how such lively lambs become such docile sheep - I guess it's to do with the change in diet from high energy milk to low energy grass. What fun you will have choosing your colours for spinning.

  2. Amanda, the Shetlands seem to keep their playfulness into adult. At least that has been my experience anyway. I have spent many late afternoons (early evenings) watching my adult Shetlands running and jumping all over the pasture.

  3. oh your new twins are just so cute! I wish I lived where you do! I would love to do what you do! give them hugs for me!!!

  4. hannies annies,
    It is a sheer joy having the sheep...even with all the hard work that is involved. All the lambs have gotten their first shots and are now out in pasture with their mamas. It's been a bit noisy around here....with babies looking for lost mamas....but so incredibly heart-warming to watch them run and play.