Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quilt Labels

Quilt labels are something I know should go on each quilt I make......and it's also something that I seem to drag my feet on. I think I've tried it all. Stamping, inking, running it through the ink jet printer, photo transfer. I've even simply written the information directly on the quilt back using a pigma pen. But the label always seemed to be lacking. So quilt labels were never my favorite thing to do.....until I got my embroidery machine that is. Now I enjoy making quilt labels. The embroidery program I have allows me to design my label and save it to a stick drive once I'm happy with the design. Then I simply plug the stick drive into my embroidery machine and I'm off!! Pictured above are the latest quilt labels. All were done on the embroidery machine.....and all are ready to be stitched onto their appropriate quilts. I think it's a really fun and creative way to put that final touch onto a quilt.


  1. Your labels look great. I did one on my embroidery machine right onto the back, and then tried to do the same thing atain and ended up with a hole, the font was too dense. It ended up with a cute little heart applique on the back though. Yours have inspired me to try again.

  2. I know what you mean about the labels, I'm never happy with the labels I put on my quilts. I love your embroidered labels. I don't have such a fancy machine unfortunately, so I'll have to stick with writing them with a permanent pen I fear.

  3. Candace, the reason I make separate quilt labels is in case they don't turn out....for one reason or another. This way I've only wasted a small piece of fabric....and can always give it another try. I think you should give the embroidered labels another try. You just might be pleasantly surprised. :)

    Amanda, there's nothing wrong with using permanent pens for your quilt labels. I'm sure you will eventually stumble upon a way of doing your quilt labels that you will simply adore. :) I've seen some really pretty quilt labels and they weren't done on an embroidery machine.