Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Orange Crush - Step #3

Step #3 is done!!! Of course I'm still behind. Oh well. That's seems like it is becoming the norm for me anyway. Don't think I would know what to do if I was actually on top of things. :) Thankfully there is a bit more time before step #5 will be posted. Who knows? I might actually be able to get step #4 done and be caught up. At least for a little bit anyway. :)

I finished the hand quilting on my dragonfly wall hanging last night. Felt great to put those final stitches in! Now to find the perfect binding fabric and get a binding on it. This has been such a fun quilt to work on. I've learned so much along the way....and discovered how much I have missed the hand quilting. Looks like I will be pulling out another UFO and finishing it up. I started hand quilting it who knows when. I think it's time to finally get it done. I will be sure to share a picture of my dragonfly wall hanging just as soon as the binding is on.

My applique projects are coming along rather nicely. Of course I haven't done a single stitch the last couple of nights. Got distracted with the hand quilting. :) My first block for Botanika is about half done. The vines are in place ready for stitching on block #6 of my Baltimore Bunnies. Plus I've been playing around with an idea for yet another applique quilt. Just haven't started on it yet. Soon though.


  1. Step 3 looks great, and you have an extra week. I'm hoping to finally catch up. It sounds like you are getting a lot of other things done, too. Hopefully, we will be seeing some pictures soon.

  2. I'm spending some time today putting a binding on my dragonfly wall hanging. With any luck I will be able to start on step #4 tomorrow. I hope you get caught up soon.