Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blue-beary's new collar

Went to the library and checked out a couple of books. It took a bit but I finally figured it out and Blue-beary now has a new collar. I used the baby cable ruffle pattern from Nicky Epstein's book " Knitting Over the Edge". It didn't take much to figure out how many stitches I needed to cast on either. I simply used my WPI (wraps per inch) tool to figure out the weight of my yarn (I used a dk wt yarn spun from North Ronaldsay wool). Then I looked up the weight of my yarn on a small chart. This gave me the needle size and how many stitches per inch. Measured the neck of Blue-beary....which was 10". Multiplied this by the number of stitches per inch.....made sure it was a multiple of 4 (per the ruffle pattern) and then added 2 stitches. This gave me a grand total of 114 stitches needed for cast on. After that, the rest was easy. All I had to do was follow the pattern. Came out perfect!!! Sewed a little faux pearl button on the one side and made a small loop on the other (to go over the button)....and the collar was done. The finished collar was blocked with steam....which finished it up very nicely.

OC Update: Still working on step 2....even though step 3 has already been posted. Boy! Some of the participants sure sew fast!! It's amazing to see the posts coming through hours after the new step has been posted....."finished!. Oh well. At least I'm enjoying this even though I seem to always be one step behind. I've got about half of the step 2 units done. I will post a picture when I have them all finished up.


  1. Doesn't he look cute! I have never got beyond plain and purl for knitting so am amazed at what other people manage to do.

  2. Thank you.:) The collar is just a series of knit and purl stitches. Easier to do than it looks.