Monday, April 14, 2008

Orange Crush - Step #1

Here it is....step #1 of the mystery quilt. All 150 units. And it's even done in time!! Yea!! These went surprisingly quick once I got going. Love how all the colors and fabrics are working together, too. I opted to not go scrappy and keep the colors more controlled. Everything plays very nicely together. I hope this is a sign of how the rest of the quilt will go. Now to wait for step #2.....which should be available real soon.

I had every intention of working on my split nine-patch in between steps....but whimm took over and I ended up pulling out a ufo instead. I participated in a block of the month with a local quilt shop last year. Kept up with having all my blocks completed on time....and I was one that had started late. We are talking a few month's late. Anyway, I had all the blocks done on time.....even bought fabric to finish it all up. And drew up a setting for the blocks....and then never got any farther. Well, last night I pulled it all out and started on the sewing for putting it all together. I have all the nine-patches made and am working on the sashing pieces. Just about have them done for the quilt center. Still need to do them for the first border. That really shouldn't take all that long. There really isn't that many left to make. The blocks are being set using a nine-patch cornerstones and sashing setting. I really don't know how to explain it, so I guess I better get it finished so I can share a picture. I will have spare nine-patches and have decided to put these into another quilt. Something small like a throw size.

Knitting Update: Worked on the teddy bear last night. Took me two tries to get the second arm done. Forgot a row or something silly like that. Once I got it done I noticed that I had made a mistake. Instead of having 22 live stitches on my stitch holder (like the pattern says you should have), I only have 21. Then I looked at the first arm I had made and noticed that I did the same thing with it. Only have 21 live stitches instead of the 22 needed. So now I have to decide whether I want to leave both arms as is and continue on with the pattern......Or do I go back and fix my mistake? It should be relatively easy to go back and correct. So it's pretty much just a matter of whether I want to bother with it or not. In the meantime I have started on a foot/leg piece. Figured I might as well keep moving forward while I decide how I want to handle the mistake I made.

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