Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Update

It's been a pretty busy week around here. Got my ewes ready for lambing. This involved shearing the backside of them and part of their bellies (crotching as it is known). Shearing their backside makes for cleaner lambing.....and shearing part of their bellies makes it easier for the new lambs to find mama's teats. Don't want them trying to suckle on a wool lock instead. I also trimmed their hooves. Only made sense since I already had them up on the shearing stand. I was toying with the idea of shearing them completely. Glad I didn't. We actually had snow on the ground yesterday.

Orange Crush Mystery: Haven't started on my mystery quilt yet. I was hoping to get a lap quilt machine quilted before the first clue was posted. Well, the first clue was posted and I still have a quilt on the machine. With any luck I will get to finally start on my quilt in the next couple of days.

Other Quilting: The quilt that is currently keeping my machine busy is coming along rather nicely. I've just about finished the machine quilting in the center of the quilt. Once that is done the rest should go rather quickly. Love the way it's looking though. I will be sure to post a picture of it once it is done.

Knitting: My felted penguin is done. At least the knitting part anyway. It still needs to go through the wash so it can be felted. I wanted to make sure I had a color catcher sheet to put in with it.....just in case there is any extra dye in any of the yarn that was used for it. Took quite a few days to actually find a local store that carries the color catcher sheets. Yes, I did make sure to pick up a few boxes.

Spinning: Not much going on with my spinning. My wheel has been spending quite a bit of time by itself lately. Been too invovled in other things. I am still working my way through spinning up the rest of the North Ronaldsay. Hope to have that finished up by the end of the week......if there aren't a lot of disruptions. This is proving to be another one of those fibers that I'm just not real crazy about spinning. Lots of neps and vm that needs to be picked out while spinning. Oh well. At least I can say it was a learning experience.

That's pretty much all of the exciting news for today. My blog did get a new look. While I loved the "old" look, it was just a bit too narrow (and confining). The "new" look is more open....which I really like. I feel it makes it easier to find things, too.

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