Monday, April 21, 2008

New Arrivals

They are here!!! The new lambs have finally arrived!! One set of lambs was born on Friday in the afternoon. I was privileged enough to be there when the first one arrived. A beautiful little black ewe......Storm. After spending the entire day in a rather chilly barn, I went inside to warm up and to share the news of the arrival with family. When I went back out to check on mama and the new my very pleasant surprise.....there was now a second lamb. Boogie had decided to make a surprise arrival shortly after his sister was born. He is a beautiful katmoget ram.....meaning his underside and legs are a darker color than the top of his body. And he has beautiful markings on his face. Boogie and Storm are pictured above with their mama, Raven (she is the dark ewe).

Saturday morning started out with me seeing lambs in the barnyard and trying to figure out how they managed to get out of the pen inside the barn. After all, that's where I had left Raven and the lambs the night before. So out I go thinking mama is just going nuts trying to get to her babies only to discover that the lambs didn't belong to Raven. They were Sophie's! Sophie's lambs made their appearance somewhere around 6 am Saturday morning. It was a very cold and windy morning.....and they were both born outside. She, too, had twins. A beautifully marked little ewe (who could pass as being katmoget with lighter colored markings) named April. And a jet black little ram which is named Jack. Jack has a bit of white on the top of his head as well as on his upper lip. The inside of his ears are also white. He will most likely end up being a wonderful shade of gray when he gets older. Lambs don't always stay the color they are born. It all depends on their coloration and their genetics. I don't quite understand it all and won't pretend to. All I know is I now have two sets of lovely twin lambs.

Of course not all the ewes have lambed yet. Carrie is still due to lamb. Maybe sometime in the next week. Am I anxious to see what she will have? Yes!!!! Last year Carrie had the two most beautiful moorit (reddish brown) twin lambs I have ever seen......Gracie and Stryder. Both are such sweeties and have such lovely, lovely their mama. So I am real curious to see what she will have this year.

Of course the biggest surprise of all this weekend was the snow. Yes, it actually April.....when the flowers are supposed to be making their appearance and the temperatures are warmer. We had snow on Saturday (which didn't stay) and then more snow on Sunday (some stuck). It snowed overnight and we awoke this morning to several inches covering everything. As to the lambs.....well, they seem to be really enjoying the snow. When I looked out this morning they were running and jumping all over the barnyard. So the snow and cooler temperatures isn't bothering them at all. Rather impressive considering they are days old.


  1. How exciting. i loved reading about your lambs, I learnt stuff I never knew before. It's great to watch the lambs at this time of year, but I've never been close to them.

  2. Amanda, I do so enjoy watching the lambs this time of year...whether they be mine or someone else's. It's amazing how quickly they are up and about after they are born.

  3. I hope your ewes and lambs are well. My own lambs are already between 3 and 2 month old. They grow so fast. But it's always exciting to see when they are born and grow.

  4. sheepmama, my ewes and lambs are doing well. The lambs are very active, keeping mama busy. I still have one ewe who has yet to lamb. Hopefully soon.