Thursday, April 24, 2008


Introducing "Blue-beary" latest felted creation. I used the Marigold Bear pattern by Fiber Trends for Blue-beary. My finished bear is approximately 14" tall....and very huggable. The yarn used was a mohair/jacob wool blend that I dyed blue. The yarn didn't dye evenly so there are various shades of blue in it. I think this is what gives Blue-beary the texture it has. The mohair is what makes it fuzzy. Not sure if the picture shows this or not, but the bear itself has a very nice halo to it. The nose and mouth are needle-felted using a brownish-black Shetland wool (Shetland black as it is called). The eyes are the purchased lock-washer type.

I would love to knit a lace collar for Blue-beary but haven't quite figured out how to do that yet. I have never worked without a pattern before. So I will visit the library and look at a few books to see if I can figure out what I need to do. I'm also toying with the idea of making a felted hat with a felted flower on it. I do have a pattern for the felted hat (came with the Marigold Bear pattern).....and have patterns for a few different felted flowers. It's just a matter of deciding whether this is what Blue-beary wants or not. Right now it is definitely telling me a knitted lace collar is needed. Thankfully I already have the yarn for it. It's a natural colored (cream) dk weight yarn that I spun up a while back using North Ronaldsay wool. Very pretty yarn actually. It will be perfect for Blue-beary's collar.


  1. Love Blue-beary! Will you be providing a family as well?

  2. Thanks! I have a nice collection of knitted teddy bear patterns. I'm sure Blue-beary won't be a lone bear for very long.