Monday, May 27, 2013

Triangel (photo intense)

I've been fighting a pretty nasty cold and needed an easy knit to keep my hands busy. I had dyed and spun the yarn in the early stages of my cold and wasn't too happy with the way the yarn turned out. I wanted to use it in a small project rather than have it languish for what would most likely be for years at the bottom of a basket. Did a pattern search on Ravelry and found this pattern. It was simple enough that I didn't need the chart and was able to knit from memory. Showcased the yarn beautifully......and ended up being a nice wearable size (41" across x 21" deep).

 The yarn is a 2- ply light fingering/ lace weight Shetland. The roving was dyed going from red to purple to blue. It was an experiment in some different dyeing and spinning techniques. Not completely successful, but not a total failure either.

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  1. Wow; yarn and pattern go perfectly together! Good job!