Friday, May 31, 2013

Heavenly Herbs

Here is my latest creation! The pattern is all mine. =}  It was knit using KnitPicks Palette yarn. Colorway: Coriander Heather.......100% Peruvian Highland wool. I had wanted to use handspun for it but didn't think I had enough yardage for it. My "approximate yardage needed" figuring skills suck! I was way off the mark. Oh well. Lesson learned. 

The scarf came out beautifully! It is about 16" wide and 75" long. It used 735 yards (not including the gauge swatch....which I did knit) and somewhere around 35 hours to knit. Finishing it was sweet sorrow. Part of me was tickled to finally finish it. Part of me was sad to see it end. It had been my long term project for quite some time.

For those interested, I hope to have the pattern available for purchase by the end of this weekend. You will be able to find it on Ravelry, Craftsy, and my etsy shop. Here's a couple more photos for you to enjoy.   =}

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