Friday, May 3, 2013

Felted Flower Bowl

This was yesterday's project. It was a fun, fast knit that will make a great gift for my mother for Mother's Day. I used left over yarn. The blue was an Aran weight......the white was doubled so it was about the same weight as the blue. I used a size 10 1/2 needle. Knitted it up, popped it in the wash, and let it go. Felted beautifully! Used a Pyrex mixing bowl turned upside down to shape it on. It sat overnight and was dry this morning. I'm thinking about making a bottom for the inside to give the bowl a bit of stability. It's a bit floppy when you pick it up. Other than that it is ready for gift giving. I think my mother will love it. :)

The pattern itself was easy to work with. A friend of mine was kind enough to bring it to my attention. My only "beef" with the pattern is this small phrase included with the copyright information.... " not re-knit for profit". While I understand that designers do not want to see their patterns out there for sale with someone else's name on it, this is crossing the line. Period. No one has the right to tell someone else what they can or cannot do with something made from a pattern....whether the pattern was purchased or free. The only thing copyrighted is the words, photos, charts, drawings, schematics, and anything else that is on the pages of a pattern. It does not extend to the finished pieces made by who ever uses the pattern. As a designer I understand this. Makes perfect sense to me. If I don't want someone doing whatever they please with the finished item then the pattern shouldn't be out there for public use. Simple as that. I've said my peace. For anyone reading this I would really appreciate not being slammed with a ton of negative mail and/or comments. This is only my opinion. I know not everyone will agree with it....and that is fine. Just think how boring our world would be to live in if everyone thought the same......

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