Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lovely Yarn

Was feeling a bit better and ventured into town with my hubby. Visited my favorite quilt shop in their new location. What a beautiful shop!! Got the tour by the owner. Was really surprised to see some lovely new yarn in the brand new knitting corner. Of course two skeins just had to come home with me.......along with some very pretty fabric. The new yarn is absolutely perfect for the beaded Accola shawl I want to make. Cast on for it this morning.  :) 

A little about the yarn...and the shawl. The yarn is Manos Lace. It's a baby alpaca/silk/cashmere blend. Very decadent!! A dream to knit with. There's just enough color variation to make the stockinette parts of the shawl interesting without hiding the lace. The shawl itself is knit from the border up. It's semi circular with some beaded lace and nupps.

The other skein of very lovely yarn was acquired when I went to visit my friend's alpaca ranch. She has a cute little shop on the premises and I simply couldn't leave this lovely skein behind. It is 100% baby alpaca lace weight. There is a whopping 870 yards in the skein. Incredibly soft to the touch. Not quite sure what it will be. Maybe a lovely Estonian lace piece. I just love the soft green color of the yarn.

Can't you just feel the softness?

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