Monday, February 2, 2009

Applique Update

Here are pictures of the latest completed blocks. The block on top is actually January's block. The one pictured below that is October's block. October was such a hectic month for me that I didn't get a chance to get that month's block done. It is now though. Yea!! And I am all caught up with the block of the month program I am doing. Another....Yea!!!! I actually took some time and looked over the quilt diagram that came with the pattern.....and figured out that the quilt can be put together in sections. No waiting until all the blocks are done. I can start sewing the quilt together as I finish the blocks for each section. Section one is done (pictured above).
I'm still working on getting my bits and pieces quilt machine quilted. It's coming along....slowly. Just haven't had the big blocks of time that I really need to get a whole lot done on it. That's okay though. It's not going anywhere.....and I'm really enjoying how it is turning out.
As for knitting.....finished up the belly part of the aran doggie sweater. Both parts are now pinned together and waiting to have the seams sewn. I hope to do that tonight. Then I will get started on knitting the turtleneck collar. I figure between that and the ribbing on the sweater bottom it should give me plenty to do while I'm sitting in the hospital waiting room Wednesday. I will try to get the ribbing around the leg openings done at home. I will need to use dpn's for that and would rather not travel with them. With my luck I would end up losing one.
Not much spinning has been done lately. The last spinning I did was to spin up 8 ounces of a bulky weight yarn for some mittens for my loving hubby. It's been spun, plyed, and is waiting to have the twist set....along with two other skeins of plyed bulky yarn.....and two skeins of singles. Maybe later this week when things have quieted down.
Update on my two kids....the youngest is mending very nicely. The doctor told her that her wrestling season is defnitely over. The chances of re-injury are too high. Her shoulder is about 85% right now. As for the oldest.....all I can say is no news is good news at this point. Life keeps her busy and she doesn't always have time to give mom a call....and can be rather difficult to get a hold of at times. So I quilt, spin, and knit to keep me busy. It's so much better than worrying about things I have no control over.

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