Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Here are pictures of my Bits and Pieces quilt. It's a small quilt....maybe 50" x 60" if that. And it is made from leftover bits and pieces from other projects. The front of the quilt is pictured on the left.....the back on the right. Took a bit for the machine quilting to be done though. I tried something new and at one point was actually stuck! So the quilt sat for a couple of days until I could figure out exactly what I wanted to do. Then it sat for another day or so until I got the courage to simply do it. :.) Sometimes it is easier to go back to what you feel comfortable with than it is to continue on with something new. I did learn a lot with this one and will be incorporating some of the new skills I learned in future projects.

Here are pictures of Stryder's lamb fleece (on the left) and the kid mohair (on the right). I really love the way the two look together and can't wait until I can start carding it all up. It is going to be so pretty!!! And definitely one of a kind least for me anyway. Especially since I no longer have angora goats. So the resulting yarn will be made into something special.

The last two pictures are of Gracie's fleece. The one on the left is of her lamb fleece after it has gone through the picker. It's is divine looking!! Looks like fluffy clouds. :.) The picture on the right is of her lamb fleece after it has been through the carder.....but before it has been blended with the honey colored soy silk. It, too, is very pretty. And so incredibly soft!! I wasn't going to blend it with the soy silk, but really love the soft honey color that the resulting batt is. Plus the silk adds a little something to it.....just makes it that much more special. :.) I've decided to card all the fiber up first and then start blending it with the soy silk. No particular reason for doing it this way. Just makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something every time I spend a bit of time in the spinning room....that's all. :.)


  1. Love the quilt!!Love the fleeces. I think I need a picker too. You do such nice work!

  2. Thank you, Dori Ann! It's always a pleasure hearing from you. The picker has been amazing! Saves me so much time.....and frustration.