Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Here are pictures of the hiking socks I made for my loving hubby. They are made from hand-spun Merino wool on size 4 double point needles. I tried using the "2 on 1 circular needle" method, but just couldn't figure it out. It was so much easier converting the pattern for double points....which is what I did. The socks turned out beautifully!! Although I did have a bit of trouble with the grafting of the toe....something that I'm sure will get better with practice. :.)

I enjoyed knitting the socks so much that it was hard not to start another pair of socks right away. I really wanted to work on finishing up the sweater that I had started last year. I did manage to get a sleeve done before casting on another pair of socks. :.) Of course there was the question...."do I even have enough hand-spun yarn for another pair of socks?" Then it dawned on me. Not every pair of socks I knit has to be from my very own hand-spun yarn. So out came the few skeins of sock yarn that I bought eons ago....and another pair of socks was born. :.)

Of course that didn't mean the spinning slowed down any. I have been happily spinning away and creating some rather lovely sock yarn for future use. In fact, I just finished plying up some shetland/mohair/soy silk blend yarn that should knit up into a lovely pair of cabled socks. And I still have two balls of shetland/bamboo/soy silk blend singles that have been patiently waiting to be plyed....which will be soon. Then there is the fiber that is waiting to be carded and spun up. I have one blend that I'm excited to do....once I finish carding up the lamb fleece I have slowly been working on. I want to blend my black shetland with my black llama and then toss in a bit of blending nylon. I think it will make a very lovely yarn...possibly even a lovely sock yarn. :.) And I do have the hand-dyed Targhee top going on my one spinning wheel. Not quite sure what that will eventually be used for. Although it, too, would make for some lovely socks. Can you tell that I have a slight case of "sock lust"? :.)


  1. Love the socks. I haven't learned how to knit socks yet, but I bought the book about doing the two at once on the circular needle. Now you're scaring me! LOL!

  2. If I made socks that nice I would have sock lust too :)

  3. Thanks, Dori Ann, for the wonderful comment. :.)

    Claire, I've heard from lots of people how easy the 2 socks on one circular needle method is. I just have a hard time grasping it myself. Whish is not unusual. It seems that the easier something is to do, the harder it is for me to learn. One of life's little quirks. :.) I'm sure you will do just fine with the technique. :.)