Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Latest Knitting Project

Here it is....finally. Pictures of my latest knitting project. This is the back piece of an aran sweater that I'm knitting for my miniature schnauzer. The pattern is from the book "Dogs in Knits". Wonderful book. Lots of very pretty sweaters in there for your favorite "fur-baby". It's also a wonderful way to try out a new technique on a smaller scale.....which I have discovered with this project.
Cables have always fascinated me. They are so pretty....and look so incredibly complex to do. My only knitting experience with cables was a big single cable down the front of a sweater done in bulky weight yarn. So this project has been an eye-opener. Yes, I can do cables. And, yes, I do enjoy knitting them quite a bit. I'm also getting very good at reading charts and using them exclusively instead of following a written pattern.....which excites me beyond belief. Especially since I have figured out how to use multiple charts in one pattern. All this has been learned by knitting up one rather small doggie sweater. :.)

A bit about the yarn being used. It's a mohair/jacob wool blend. It's about a dk weight yarn (or a light worsted weight). The dye job on it isn't the most even, but it does look rather pretty knitted up. The yarn was obviously some of my very first yarn since it is a mohair blend....and I haven't had angora goats in years. I'm also guessing it was processed at a mill since I've only had my drum carder for a couple of years and honestly can't see myself sitting there blending fiber on hand cards. Why has the yarn sat for so long?? I'm guessing because of the uneven dye job....for the most part. Honestly, it really didn't look all that pretty in a skein. And I probably never found the right project for it....until now. As for the spinning part of it.....well, it is pretty consistent, although the plying does leave a bit to be desired. For the most part it is plyed rather nicely. Every now and then I will run into a piece where there isn't enough twist in the ply. I know I could run it all through my wheel again and re-ply it all. I just don't have the motivation for that. I'm finding that with all of its faults the yarn is knitting up very nicely. Besides I honestly don't think my mini schnauzer is going to mind all that much if the plying is a bit uneven in the yarn used for his sweater. :.)


  1. LOL - no, your Schnauzer will LOVE that sweater, Tina! It's beautiful, woman!

    I don't know why you think the dye job is so 'uneven', anyway. It looks like you planned on making a heathered yarn, to me. You can Aran sweaters up for me anytime you like! I'm still struggling with reading the more complicated cables from a chart. My eyes just feel like they're crossing when I see anything more complicated than C4L or C4R! Painful!
    Spin - and knit - On, girl!

  2. Thank you, Fairy Spun Fibers, for the very wonderful comment. :.)The dye job is uneven....but it does look rather nice knit up, so I won't complain. And it doesn't seem to "hide" the cable patterns either.....which is nice.

    This is the most complex cable pattern I have tackled to date. I tend to copy my charts and then keep them on a magnetic board so that I can mark each line as I'm working on it. I also use stitch markers to separate each cable pattern. That way if I make a mistake (which I will do) it is much easier to figure out which section I messed up in. I also do this with lace patterns. Although the only lace pattern I've done so far as been on a sweater that has Shetland lace inserts on the front and back. Now to knit the sleeves and finish up the sweater. :.)

  3. Your sweater is looking wonderful. I love your stitch markers. . having pretty ones is so much more inviting than the plain old plastic rings I used many years ago.

  4. Thank you, Sherry, for the very kind words about my doggie sweater. Shameless plug here, but you can purchase hand-beaded stitch markers on my etsy site.... . I had so many positive comments on the ones I made for myself that I decided to offer some up for sale. You are right. They are way better to use than the plain plastic ones. :.)