Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Intarsia bag

Have you ever started a new project with the anticipation of it being a really enjoyable project......only to get about half-way through and find yourself extremely frustrated? Well, that's how I feel with the intarsia bag. I have done half of one side following the pattern and chart very carefully only to find myself not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. So I have opted to change gears and stray away from the pattern. Not quite sure exactly how the finished bag will turn out, but the knitting is definitely more enjoyable. I'm really enjoying working with the different colors and with my new needles (Harmony 16" circulars). My yarn is stuff that I spun up myself using Polypay-cross wool.......that was dyed before being spun into yarn. It's actually very lovely yarn and a sheer joy to use.

Speaking of spinning, I started spinning up a Columbia/Dorset (?) blend yesterday. It's ecru in color. Not one of the most thrilling colors for me to spin up....but it is spinning up into what will be a very nice worsted weight yarn. I was able to spin up half a bobbin yesterday. Hope to finish up the bobbin today.

My order from Paradise Fibers arrived yesterday. I had ordered a pound of grey Norwegian top and a pound of light grey Suffolk roving. The Norwegian top feels a bit softer than the Suffolk. Both should spin up very nicely. Even though I have my own sheep, I still enjoy spinning wool from other breeds. I plan on making felted (or fulled) teddy bears from the fiber I got yesterday. Along with the fiber was also a small Yarntainer. I have a medium sized one and absolutely love it! Use it for just about everything.....especially when I'm plying my singles. Keeps my center pull ball in one place and I don't have to worry about it rolling around everywhere. The only time I run into a problem is when I am plying and knitting at the same time. Reason why I ordered another one. Thought I would try the smaller size and see how that works out.

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