Friday, February 22, 2008

Charlie the felted lamb

This is "Charlie" my felted lamb. He's my latest felted project. He is made from Shetland wool (from my own sweet sheep) that was hand-spun. The yarn used for the face, ears, and hooves was hand-dyed to match the coloring of the real Charlie.....the sweet sheep from whom the wool for this project came from. This "Charlie" is approximately 8" high......9" long.....and 14 1/2" around (he's a tubby little thing!!). He has button eyes and a velvet bow/collar.....and a small bit of needle-sculpting for his nose and mouth (which is hard to see in the picture, but looks real cute).

Here is a picture of the real Charlie. His wool is a lovely oatmeal color and very soft to the touch. Charlie's horns never did grow in like they should have. He's still a sweet thing and loves being loved on.


  1. Charlie is adorable! Is he from the Fiber Trends pattern? :-)

  2. Thank you!! Yes, he is from the Fiber Trends pattern. (