Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Carolina Crossroads - preview

Here is a preview of my Carolina Crossroads mystery quilt. There wasn't room enough on my design wall to put all the blocks up.....so I printed out a picture of the completed center to help with block placement for those that didn't fit on the design wall. I really love the way it looks! My reds and blues are scrappy, but the background is the same fabric throughout. I did it that way so the variety of reds and blues would have a solid foundation (so to speak) to rest on.

I have started sewing my rows together. It's going slowly simply because of all the seams to match up. That's okay though. I think the completed quilt will be well worth all the time put into it. This is definitely not something I would have tackled on my own. Doing it as a mystery was a wonderful idea!!

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