Sunday, June 29, 2014

Road Trip!!

We've been storing a few household items for my youngest daughter and her husband for quite some time. For the past couple of months they have been trying to get up here to pick it up but their schedules never allowed for it. So Friday my loving hubby and myself decided to make the drive down and deliver their household items ourselves. 

It was about a three hour drive down (they live in another state). It was a nice drive. The weather was overcast but fairly warm. We met up with the youngest at their house, delivered the household items we had brought with, and looked forward to spending a couple hours with both of them. Did a little shopping with her while waiting for her husband to get off work so we could have lunch together. Lunch was nice. They surprised us with some wonderful news ( not baby news). He found out that he was being transferred. Not only would it mean a pay increase for them but it would also mean that they would be moving closer....and living in the same state.  :) (She is getting transferred as well.)

After lunch the four of us ran a couple errands before dropping my youngest off for work. As we parted she kept saying, " mom, make sure you go to the yarn shop."  She even made her husband promise that he would take us there. I wasn't real keen on going (having already planned on visiting a few quilt shops in the area....and a winery), but decided to go since she was so insistent.

We found the yarn shop and imagine my surprise when the sign on the door read "yarn, fiber, and spinning supplies". Yes!!! Some lovely fiber did come home with me.

Along with this....

He is a Herring Alpha.....all metal (mostly aluminum) with wood accents. He's double drive with a sliding hook....And is a folding travel wheel. He has metal bobbins and the most unusual flyer assembly I've ever seen. He originated from Dorchester, Dorset (England). From the little I've found online, it sounds like there weren't very many made. He spins like a dream once you get him going. I've been spinning a Shetland/alpaca blend on him. He was in wonderful condition. Just needed a good cleaning, a few things tightened up, and a drive band. The drive band on him now is crochet cotton. My local yarn/fiber shop recommended a hemp drive band which he promptly threw off. He seems to really love the crochet cotton so that's what I'm using. I've contacted his creator in the hopes of acquiring a few more bobbins for him. Oh yea, his name is Alphie. :)   And he brought a friend with.....

.....a Haldane Shetland spinning wheel (made in Scotland). This little beauty was hidden away in the corner of the yarn shop bathroom. My hubby saw her and said," you need to take a look in the bathroom." Oh my gosh!!! I knew exactly what she was the moment I saw her. I've been wanting one for years. Yes, she is missing her wheel.....which I hope to find another one soon. And somebody did set her up to be scotch tension when she's really a double drive (that was removed right after I wiped her down - she was real dusty).

Other than the missing wheel, everything else was there. At one time she had belonged to a weavers guild. I contacted them to see if anyone knew what happened to her wheel. No luck there. There's a Haldane group on Ravelry that I plan on posting to with the hopes of finding her a new wheel. I just need to be patient.  :)

As for the rest of our road trip....well, never did make it to any of the quilt shops. I was so tickled with acquiring both wheels that it no longer mattered. My hubby is amazing at haggling. I was hoping to acquire the Haldane thinking the owner would want way to much for the Herring. My hubby said he could hear the wind being knocked out of me when I heard how much he had gotten both wheels for. After 27 1/2 years of marriage he still never ceases to amaze me.

We did stop by the winery on the way home. The wine was horrible!!! And the winery a big disappointment. You know it's not a winery worth recommending when they send you to another winery....which we will visit if we are ever down that way again.

The drive home was interesting. We ran into very heavy rains with winds. The kind where your wipers are on high and water is running off the windows so heavy that you can't see out them. My little Canon came with so I have lots of photos to share....which I will do in another post.  :)

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