Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fibery Update

I've been without Internet for most of the week. Gasp! Can you imagine? No internet!! Whatever shall we do? At first I was a bit upset...until I realized that I really didn't miss it as much as I thought I would. Sure I missed checking my email and being able to post to my blog. What I didn't miss was all the time sucking diversions. You know what I mean. You go to watch a short YouTube video on one new technique and end up watching half a dozen more.....which are all on the same technique but done a touch differently. Or you go on Ravelry to look up a single pattern and before you know it an hour has passed.....and your queue is now 20 patterns longer.....and you still haven't located the pattern you were originally looking for. With no internet I spent my time playing with fiber.

These are the last of my dye colors. The two on the right are Jacquard acid dyes. The other four are Country Classic dyes. The Country Classic dyes are complete. Nothing needs to be added. As you can see, one dye broke (front on left). Two didn't exhaust all the way (green and red in back). All have been rinsed and dried. The two that didn't exhaust had fresh fiber put in and will be checked tomorrow. I'll also take pictures of the dyed fiber. Got some really pretty colors.

Other than dyeing fiber, I also played with my drum carder. Got some really pretty blends done. No pictures though. They are on the big Canon and I haven't had time to download them. Been too busy outside finishing up my gardens and getting my large pots planted.

Played on my sock machine for a bit. It's been quite some time since I played with it. Was a bit rusty. Not too rusty though. Made a pair of socks for myself...

And a pair for a friend who recently had shoulder surgery. She loved the socks and they fit beautifully. :)

I also spent some time enjoying my flock. They got to enjoy the temporary pasture for a couple of days. Things are starting to dry up. Won't be much pasture left in a few matter how much I water.

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