Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I'm 4 weeks post-op and am starting to find it a bit challenging to sit still like I should be. The better I feel the more I want to be up and doing things. To keep me busy (and still) I've been spinning like crazy. Finished up 4 new skeins of yarn this week. My hubby has been absolutely wonderful in making sure I have everything I needed at hand. He even set the twist for me. =}

The first photo is of the Royal Peruvian Suri top that I was given. This was spun on my two Siberian made Russian spindles. There is about 222 yards in the skein (which weighs about 7/8 of an ounce) and it is about a light fingering/lace weight. I haven't done the WIP on it so I'm guesstimating the weight. It's got a beautiful halo to it and is super soft. I will be knitting it up into a lace scarf. Already have the pattern picked out. Just need to buy a new set of needles.

The second photo is of a super wash merino blend. I don't remember everything that is in it. I purchased 4 ounces of this last year and have been slowly spinning it up on support spindles. This skein weighs little over an ounce and has approximately 318 yards. It is also a light fingering weight. This skein will join the other skein that is already done. I won't decide on a project for it until all the fiber is spun up.

The last two photos are of a sample of hand dyed BLF top that I received with a fiber order. The sample was two different colors. I really didn't care for them together so decided to spin the colors separately. I ended up with two small skeins ( one with 30 yds - one with 40 yds) that will work nicely together in a small project. Maybe a sweater or small shawl for a teddy bear.

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