Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Don't believe everything you read.......

...........because it may not always be true. For example, I received a batch of wool back from the mill last week. The tag with it said gray. I kept looking at the fiber thinking " that's not gray. Looks brown to me." But the tag said gray. So I went with what the tag said all the time wondering what the brown fleeces I had sent in was going to look like when they finally came back from the mill. Got my answer yesterday. They look exactly like the 'gray' fleeces I had sent in! Apparently someone at the mill cannot tell the difference between brown and gray Shetland fleeces.....and I shouldn't believe everything I read, especially when it leaves me feeling perplexed and wondering if I had messed up somehow. Kinda took a bit of the joy out of getting fiber back from the mill though.

The gray fleeces I had sent in some time ago arrived back home yesterday in the form of some very lovely LIGHT GRAY roving. The Shetland was courtesy of my girls Carrie, Sophie, and Oreo. It was blended with a gray Huacaya Alpaca blanket. It's lovely to spin and so incredibly soft.

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