Friday, October 10, 2014

Baby Photos

Took my iPad out this morning in an attempt to get a few baby pictures. Not the easiest thing to do. The lambs are active and kept hiding....either behind mama or in the shade. The lambs are dark colored....two moorits and one black.

Here are all 3 lambs together. The ram lambs are the large moorit and the black. The other moorit is my ewe lamb, JuneBug.


Her twin...

The twins together.

I even managed to get a "lamb bump" photo of a ewe "in waiting". This is Willow. She should be lambing soon....or at least she has all the signs of lambing soon.

That's a large "lamb bump"!

While not the best photos at least it shows what is in the barnyard right now. I'm sure there will be cuter photos as the lambs get older. All 3 lambs were born September the wee hours of the morning.

Edited to add an update on Willow:

Two days after this post was published Willow lambed. She had a very difficult time. Both lambs were lost in the process. 😪

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