Thursday, August 28, 2014

Still here....

....although in the midst of change and a touch of chaos....which is not my favorite place to be. I prefer sameness and serenity. Why the touch of turbulence? My laptop decided that it wasn't going to load my photos. May not seem like such a big deal until you learn that my only other "computer" is my iPad Air. Can't load photos on that from my camera. Not yet anyway. My loving hubby is getting some little gadget that will allow me to load photos from my memory card right onto my iPad Air. Until then I have to be content with the photos taken with my iPad. While they are nice it's not quite the same as using one of my cameras.
I've been having problems with my laptop for awhile now. It's been looked at by my hubby (computer major) and by another computer guy (professional). Runs fine for awhile then starts acting up again.  :(  Well, my hubby surprised me the other day by bringing home two "new-to-us" Mac computers. An I5 desktop and a Mac Book Pro. One of his coworkers had bought both for his wife but she never used them so he offered them to my hubby (who is a Mac guy). He was thrilled to bring them home. I'm tickled to have them. I've spent the last couple of days playing on both and getting to know them. Learning the Mac OS is tons of fun and so much easier than learning Windows. The only thing that has been a challenge is moving my software from my old laptop to my new. I'm learning that not all software was intended for both. I've already purchased new charting software for my Mac which I like even better than my old software. I've also acquired new publishing software. Now to become familiar with it. Still haven't put my photo software on yet. That's on today's to-do list...along with a few other things. Hoping the transition from one computer/system to another won't last much longer.

Besides dealing with computer issues I've been dyeing....
.....and knitting.


  1. Your new computer looks just like mine! Welcome to the sunny side; I've had Macs since the late 80s. ;-)

    1. My hubby is thrilled that I'm having so much fun with both Mac computers. I'm discovering that I really love how easy the OS is to learn and use. So unlike Windows.