Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Test Knit Progress

I never really realized how slow of a knitter I am....comparatively speaking....until I started this test knit. Do you know there were test knitters totally done within a week and a half of starting? Oh my gosh!! Makes you wonder if they did anything other than knit ( like sleep). Here I am two weeks into my shawl and I've just now hit the halfway point of the shawl center. I've seen photos of a finished shawl and it was stunning! Definitely motivation for picking up the pace on mine. I can't wait to see it completely done. 

As for the knit itself....it's going very well. I'm in love with the shawl. Love the pattern, the yarn, the color. It's knitting up beautifully even with the few errors I've found in the chart. I have had to "tink" back twice but that was me. Never work on lace when you are feeling tired or distracted.  :)

Here are a few "in-progress" shots of my shawl.

Wish I would have thought about labeling the photos with rows completed earlier. It's kind neat being able to see the shawl progress via photos. Would make a great scrap book page.   :)

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