Friday, August 9, 2013

More Socks

Over the last few days I have completed 4 more pairs of socks.....two of which are pictured below. The other two are gifts (x-mas). To date I have made 16 complete pairs of socks....with a few spares. I'm much more comfortable with my CSM. Mock rib, which I was struggling with a short time ago, I now enjoy doing. Kitchener stitch is a breeze. I've done it so much that's it's become second nature. I've even developed my own way of doing it so there is no "dog ear" on either side of the sock toe. Working with self-striping and patterned yarns has been so much fun. I find that I'm drawn to brighter colors. I've broken into my humble stash of "good" sock yarn and am discovering which ones I prefer working with over others. To date Regia Silk and Sockatta are my favorites but I'm sure that will change.  =}


  1. I've got four balls of Sockotta in four different colorways in my stash that I will never use. Interested in them? You can see them in my Ravelry "will trade or sell" here:

    1. Michelle, I just saw this. Is this offer still good?

  2. Love both colorways but the top one is fabulous!