Monday, August 12, 2013

Test knit - Lelya Orenburg Lace Shawl

I have always wanted to knit a traditional Orenburg shawl but was too intimidated to simply jump right in. So when the opportunity to test knit a pattern for one presented itself I simply couldn't refuse. I mean, after all, the designer is there to help when it's needed. It's almost the perfect situation in which to try something new.

I'm using a lace weight 60/40 cashmere/wool blend with a thin thread of shimmer in it. It's soft pink variegated in color. Needle size is US 2 or 2.75mm. This has been an amazing knit so far. I love watching the lace pattern emerge. It's hard to put down and I find myself knitting a row here and there whenever I have a few spare moments in between other things ( like household chores). The yarn has been a dream to work with and I'm totally in love with the color. This may end up being one of my favorite lace pieces when all is said and done.

Here are the progress photos.... From start to today (70 rows in). Enjoy!

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