Sunday, November 4, 2012

Something Shiny

Not really but it has the same way of distracting you. That one pattern that no matter how hard you try you keep thinking of it.......dreaming of it.......seeing it everywhere. The only way to get any piece is to cave and cast on. Oh the exquisite joy of casting on and knitting those first few rows. It's so incredibly satisfying you start to wonder why you bother to have chocolate stashed all over the house. It's so hypnotic that you find yourself knitting the night away......even though you were utterly exhausted only hours earlier. That is this pattern....something shiny. :)

The pattern Is "Ravens in the Snow". The yarn being used is handspun. The cream colored (natural color) is a shetland/alpaca blend. The blue is a hand-dyed shetland. The knitting is fun. Just challenging enough to hold my attention but not so challenging that it has the ability to become frustrating. I've learned so much.

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