Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flower Basket Shawlette

The pattern is by Evelyn Clark and distributed through Fiber Trends. The yarn used was a handspun, handdyed Shetland/soy silk blend......about a dk weight. Needle size: 8

Finished size: 54" from tip to tip.....25" deep

This was my very first triangular shawl and I absolutely enjoyed watching it come to life. I found a video on youtube demonstrating a garter stitch tab, so knew exactly what to expect there. Pretty sweet!! I still don't quite understand the correlation between number of stitches for the garter stitch tab and number of stitches in the lace repeat. Maybe someday.....

The shawlette was an easy knit and went fairly quickly. It took me less than a week to finish it. The lace pattern was easy to remember. The only thing that gave me any trouble was the bind-off. I didn't quite understand how it worked. So I looked up the bind-off and found it in one of my sock knitting books. The explanation for it was better and I was able to understand how it worked....and why.

Of course, Harley just had to make sure he was part of the whole process. The only thing he loves better than snuggling under a newly finished knit project, is rolling on a newly finished quilt.  :,)

The shawlette blocked out can be seen in the photo. The embroidered thread portrait above is of Cisco......whose fiber was used to spin the yarn that was knit up into my shawlette. (I've been playing around with digitizing photos and stitching them out on my embroidery machine using only one color of thread.)

Had a beautiful day for photographing. Had a bit of a wind but not enough to hinder anything. The shawlette photographed beautifully and the color of the yarn came through great.  Sometimes I find it difficult to get a particular color to photograph true. Thankfully this did.  :,) 

Haven't decided on a next project yet. I do know that I want to knit another lace shawl.....or maybe a pair of lace socks. The lace scarf I started last month is coming along nicely. I've got a third of the second half of the scarf knit already. It's definitely not a quick knit that's for sure!! I have to confess I will be very happy when it is finally done. Even though a variety of lace patterns is used, this hasn't been the most exciting knit......for me anyway. Love the way the yarn is knitting up though. Very pretty!! The striping is subtle and seems to really add to the lace pattern instead of hiding I thought it would.  I think it will be a very pretty scarf when done.

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