Monday, January 23, 2012

Autumn Lace Scarf

I thought I would share pictures of my latest lace project. I'm tickled with the way it is knitting up. The colors are coming through beautifully and the lace pattern isn't being hidden. The yarn I'm using is one of my handspuns......a polypay cross wool yarn that I hand-dyed. The colors remind me of fall.....all those lovely shades of reds, oranges, yellows, and even a touch of purple. Of course we don't see a lot of fall colors around here with all the coniferous trees that are indigenous to the area. But we do get a bit of color. Just enough to enjoy and inspire. I ended up with 2 skeins of this really pretty yarn. About 620 yards total of a sport weight yarn. More than enough to make the scarf.
The pattern I'm using is a DROPS Design. I'm nearly done with one half of the scarf. Only five more lace repeats left to do before I can put the live stitches on a holder and start on the other half. Can't wait to see what the scarf will look like once it is finished and blocked.

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  1. That is GORGEOUS! (And thanks for "friending" me on Ravelry. :-)