Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Delight!!!!

 Here she is!! My Jenkins Delight turkish spindle!! She is very petite and so incredibly lovely. She is made of Desert Ironwood with a maple shaft and weighs 1.2 oz (35 grams). I actually got her last week but have been unable to put her down since she arrived. The first picture was taken the day she arrived.....and already I was spinning with her. The fiber pictured is a superwash BFL....the sample fiber that came with her. That spun up into a very lovely 17 wpi 2-ply yarn.....pictured below.

I had finished spinning that up the very next morning so my hubby took me to the local fiber shop where he purchased 4 ounces of a very lovely merino/tussah silk blend....which I'm now spinning. Nearly done with my first 1/2 ounce. The little Delight is supposed to hold 2 ounces of fiber. I'm having tons of fun testing that one out.  :,)

I'm so enamoured with my Delight that I decided to order another turkish spindle from Mr. Jenkins. After days of deliberation.....he has a nice selection of turkish spindles to choose from......and there are so many wood options as well..........I finally decided on a Jenkins Lark which will be made from Macassar Ebony (with a maple shaft) and weigh about 22 grams. Can't wait for it to arrive!!

I'm amazed at how much I enjoy spinning on my little turkish spindle. Love the fact that when you wind on you make a center pull ball. This is so easy to ply from! I pulled out my plying spindle and used that to ply up what was spun from the sample fiber. Worked beautifully!! And I was able to wind this from my spindle onto a niddy noddy. Another thing I really enjoy about the little Delight is how portable she is. I'm able to put her in a small bag which will fit right inside my purse. My square top whorl drop spindle (which I love) is longer making it not as easy to carry as my turkish spindle. That's okay though. I had purchased a small cross the body bag to carry both of my square top whorl spindles my nostepinne. I simply grab that when I want to use those spindles on the go. Gosh, I love spinning!! So many options and so incredibly portable.  :<)

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  1. Fair warning: I predict you will want at least one of each type of Turkish spindle Ed Jenkins makes, because they are ALL so wonderful!