Thursday, October 2, 2008

My new llama

It's been quite some time since I've posted on my blog. Life has been keeping me pretty busy....especially the guy pictured above. :) This is Levi. He is my new llama. He is a rescue llama. I was told that he is a year old, but am seriously having my doubts about that. I'm thinking he may be younger....probably about 10 months old or so. Of course I don't know much about llamas so I could be way off on this. He is a real sweetie and has been easy to handle. I've been brushing him and taking him on walks every day. As for my other llama.....well, let's just say that he is acting like he really doesn't care about the new llama....although he can be seen checking on Levi quite often throughout the day. It's rather comical to watch. :)

When we first got Levi he was kept in the barn so that we could get to know him....and him us. It didn't take long for one of the llamas to push the screen out of a barn window so they could stick their heads through. And this is how they spent the first couple of days....with one or the other having their head stuck through the window. Now that Levi is able to come out into the yard everyone is getting acquainted through the fence that divides them. It is really sweet to see. It looks like Levi has a favorite already. He really seems to like Q-tip a lot.......who just happens to be white like him.
If I felt totally spoiled before I know why. My loving hubby decided to surprise me with a new wheel shortly after the fair ended. I am now the proud owner of an Ashford Country Spinner. It's one of those wheels you just didn't know you wanted until you actually have one. Of course my hubby is a sucker for big bobbins! LOL! I guess they don't get much bigger than the Country Spinner. He also thought I might enjoy having a wheel that I could ply on and not having to constantly change flyers on my Kromski. I must admit it is very nice having a wheel set up just for plying. All of the singles I spun up at the fair is now plyed and ready to be used in some future project. And all of it was plyed on the Country Spinner.

Of course all this fiber play hasn't left much time for quilting. In fact, I have barely quilted in the past month. Although I did get the first block of the block of the month I joined done. Which is a good thing. Especially since it's time for me to take my completed block in so that I can pick up the new block. Now I'm just hoping things will settle down a bit more so that I can enjoy my quilting once again. It's funny how you tend to miss something when you just don't have enough time for it....even though you may have other hobbies that you enjoy just as much.


  1. I had no idea there are bobbins THAT big! And who needs to quilt when there is luscious fiber to spin? :-) (Says she with the serious spinning withdrawal problem....)

  2. I didn't know there were bobbins that big until I saw the wheel. It is amazing!!! As for quilting....unfortunately I am as hopelessly addicted to it as I am to spinning. Guess there is absolutely no hope for me!! LOL!! I hope you get to spin soon.

  3. I love the Country Spinner. I have the equivalent Babe and it is awesome! I will sometimes spin two or three different yarns on one bobbin without having to get up. And I find I am even lazier and just wind the yarn straight from the bobbin and never even take it off the wheel. Yup, love that dang wheel!

    Off to read more.....