Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lots of yarn!!

Here it is....finally! Pictures of all the finished yarn that I spun up while at the fair. Lots of time to spin means lots of yarn. Haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do with it all.....yet. :)
The top right picture is of a Targhee-Corriedale-Merino blend yarn. Found the fiber in a tub when I was looking for something to spin. Not sure exactly when I bought it or why.........until I found some kid mohair locks, that is. Of course this was after I had already spun it up into singles. I'm guessing it was bought to blend with the kid mohair locks. Oh well. I have a better fleece I can use for that. Since the kid mohair is this wonderful reddish-brown color I think i will simply blend it with a moorit lamb's fleece I have. Should make for some very pretty yarn. There is close to 800 yards between the two skeins. Haven't figured out the wpi (wraps per inch) just yet. I'm guessing probably a dk weight....if not a sport weight.
The top left picture is of a hand-dyed wool blend yarn. I had bought this during the fair on one of my only breaks away from the fair ground itself. Wanted something a bit different to spin. It was labeled as "virgin wool". Whatever it is, it spun up beautifully!! There is about 500 yards between the two skeins. At least a dk weight.
Bottom right is a skein of Grey Norwegian yarn. Definitely a worsted weight.....if not a bit closer to bulky. This skein is about 150 yards. I really didn't like spinning up this fiber. It was rather course and produced a smooth rather heavy single. I had purchased a pound of this fiber, but only spun enough to fill the bobbin about 3/4 of the way. There was a young spinner sitting next to me who really loved the fiber so I gave the rest to her. She really loved spinning it as it spins rather consistently. This will end up being made into a felted sheep. It's just too course (for my tastes) to be used for anything else.
Finally, the bottom left picture is of suffolk. This spun up into a worsted weight yarn. Wasn't too bad to spin, just a bit course for my taste. The three skeins yeild about 570 yards. Just enough to make about two felted sheep. It did take dye very you can tell by the black skein on top.
So that is the end results from this year's fair. I was able to get quite a bit spun up and did spin a rather nice variety of fiber. Of course this is just what was spun up on my wheel. On my drop spindles I spun up some Shetland (from one of my own sheep)......a bit of llama (from my black guard was so soft and spun like a dream!!)......and some corriedale (which I simply adore spinning). Wonder what I will be spinning at next year's fair.........


  1. Your yarns are beaewetiful.

  2. Thank you, Holly! Now to find the perfect project for everything. :)