Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weekly Updates

It's time once again to take stock of what has been done so far this week.....and of what I would love to get done. Life has sure kept me busy this week so not a whole lot has been done. At least not what I would have loved to have gotten done anyway.

Carolina Crossroads: The quilt is still waiting to have the borders quilted. One border template is made. The other is waiting to be made. I do hope to have this finished up by the end of the month.

Other Quilting: The applique that I started last week is now finished and waiting to be sandwiched. Haven't quite decided on how the two pieces will be quilted though. Been teetering between hand and machine quilting all week. Both pieces are small so either way shouldn't take all that long. Haven't taken any pictures....but will try to do that sometime this week.

Spinning: Still spinning up the hand-dyed polypay. As with other things, the spinning got put on hold due to life getting in the way. I still hope to finish spinning it up by this weekend. There's really not a lot left.

Knitting: The knitting on the felted fair isle bag is done. The bag is felted and waiting to be lined. I will be sure to share pictures of the completed bag (which I'm hoping to have done by this weekend). I did start a new project the other night. Another felted lamb. I love making the felted animals. This one is about half-way finished.

My sheep: The expecting ewes are getting larger. Looks like at least two of them may have twins.....although the one is so large that I wouldn't be surprised if she had triplets. The other expecting ewe is getting large as well....although I suspect that she will have a single lamb....which is just fine with me. Her last lamb grew up into a lovely horned moorit ewe. All the sheep are going out in pasture more now that the snow has finally melted and the grass is starting to come in. A few of them are also starting to roo (shed). A sure sign that spring is right around the corner, along with shearing. It's something else to walk through the pastures and see bits of wool hanging off of lower limbs and small trees.

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