Thursday, March 27, 2008

Orange Crush mystery quilt

It's almost time for mystery #2 to start.....Orange Crush! Thought I might as well get my fabrics put together for this. Although, by the looks of it, Orange Crush won't be an appropriate name for my completed quilt. Maybe Strawberry Crush instead?? Anyway, I ended up going with colors a bit different than what I had thought I was going to use. Also discovered that while my stash has a wide variety of fabrics, it didn't have all that much yardage in it. Mostly smaller pieces.....and not everything played nice together. So I purchased the black print, the green, the red, and the cheddar yellow (my accent color). The lighter colored fabric is my "lights" or background fabric. I will cut my "scrappy" strips from the small pile of fat quarters (pictured above). After going through what few scrappy strips I do have, I decided that I wanted a more controlled look.....especially since I was using yardage.....and pulled fat quarters that would play nice with everything. Yes, my completed quilt may have a calmer look to it than one that is completely scrappy.....or even partially scrappy. I'm okay with that. I really like the way the colors and fabrics all look together. Love the "feel" of it. Now I can't wait to actually start sewing on it.


  1. Those are some beautiful, powerful colors....can't wait; I am making a "purple crush"!

  2. Thank you! You're colors sound intriguing, too. Can't wait to see how your purple crush develops.

  3. What gorgeous colors. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product (yours and mine).

  4. Thank you, Candace! I, too, am curious as to what the completed quilt will look like.