Monday, March 24, 2008

Carolina Crossroads

The borders are finally done! Yea!! Took a while to get my templates made. Took even longer to get the borders marked. Didn't take all that long to get them quilted though. I used the same blue variegated thread for the border quilting as I did for the quilt center. Yes, it does make the border quilting a bit hard to see. Which is what I was going for. I wanted it to be there, but not to jump out at you. I feel the focus of the quilt should be the quilt center and not the borders.

The binding is made and attached. I just need to sew it to the backing and then get my label made. Then the quilt will be finished. I used the border fabric for my binding. Just seemed to fit the quilt. I will be sure to post a picture of the completed quilt just as soon as it is done.....and I get new batteries for my camera.

Mystery quilt #2 is due to start soon. April 1st to be exact. This one is called "Orange Crush". Wasn't sure I was going to even participate in this one. I do have a few other quilts I would love to finish up....and really don't need to start a new project. But......I have chosen my colors and will be pulling fabric for it sometime this week. I have decided to go with purple, green, yellow, and possibly blue......or maybe pink. Haven't quite decided on the last color. It will all depend on what I have in my stash and what will play nice with the other colors.


  1. I like how you quilted your CC, looks very nice.

  2. Thank you!! The quilt was kind enough to let me know how it wanted to be quilted.