Sunday, January 4, 2015

Year of the Sheep starting off with lots of snow.  :)  It's also starting off with me convalescing from a bad ankle/foot sprain which I acquired New Year's Eve by slipping on some icy snow.

2014 was a good year. It had its ups and downs but that's life. Overall, it was good. My loving hubby and I celebrated another year together, which is always a good thing. Our kids are more settled. It's nice knowing that we can finally breathe and not have to worry about them so much. 

2014 saw the addition of a new Great Dane/Bloodhound puppy (Moose), as well as a new Shetland ram (Max). It also saw the birth of fall lambs. The first lambs that have been born here in several years....and hopefully not the last. I discovered that I really enjoy having lambs around.

2014 also saw the closing of my etsy shop. After seven years of stress and struggle to make it successful I finally said "enough". While there were sales and repeat customers (thank you!) it really never got going. It was more stress than fun. While I wanted a successful online shop it just wasn't worth it.  Not to me. The day I closed my etsy shop I felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. It felt wonderful!

The new year has started and I find myself happily content with life. No resolutions. No changing this or doing that. I just want to enjoy each day as it comes. I want to continue being happily content with life. It's good for the soul.  :)

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