Tuesday, January 27, 2015


New machine.....you know I've got to see what it can do.  :)  One of the first things I did was play with the Bernina Stitch Regulater (BSR). For me, this was the selling point for the 750 (among a few other things, namely other feet). I started off with quilting a couple of samples. Once I felt fairly comfortable I moved onto quilting the queen sized quilt for my daughter and her husband. I had presented them with the completed quilt top Christmas Day and told them it would be finished by the end of the year. They started their new year with a new quilt.  :)

Even added a few extra little touches....secret messages that they could look for while they snuggled together under the quilt.

I started Bertie's Winter on it ( pattern by Bonnie Sullivan of All Through The Night). Love , love, love doing machine applique on it. So far I've done three of the four parts.

In between parts of Bertie's Winter I've been machine quilting a small panel quilt. Practice makes perfect....

The panel is embellished with hotfix swarovski crystals. They are hard to photograph...unfortunately.

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