Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gray Days.....

.......are absolutely perfect for fiber play, whether it be fabric or fiber. There has been plenty of gray days here lately. Last week was spent with the sewing machine. The end result is a 32" square flannel wall hanging. The "applique" is actually a panel that was cut apart. All the flannel for the top, plus the binding are Buggy Barn fabrics. I bought the kit at this cute little quilt shop that I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago. The store front is only open two days a week, but the website is really nice ( ). Well worth browsing.  :)  I even spent time embellishing it with swarovski crystals....which doesn't show up very well in the photo unfortunately.

This week I'm spending time with my serger. I'm working on pillowcases for Xmas gifts. Completed two sets yesterday and hope to finish up the rest today. It's been quite some time since I've played with my serger. I forgot how much fun it is to use.

Of course the fiber critters have been loving them. Gray days means rain....which means green pastures....which means lots of browsing enjoyment for everyone.

Raven and her ram lamb. He was born the 30th of September. He's a big boy! The pasture they are in is much greener than what the photo suggests.

Gracie and her ewe lamb, Hope. Hope was camera shy....Gracie was not.  :) Hope was born the 16th of October. She is a very pretty little thing.

Carrie and her twins. Her ram lamb is very friendly. It was hard to get a photo of him. Her ewe lamb, June Bug, is not as friendly as her twin but she is slowly learning that I'm not such a bad thing.  :) Raven's ram lamb is in the back. All the lambs play together. It's lots of fun to watch.

Everyone in the back pastures is enjoying the late grass as well....which is good since today is another gray rainy day.

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