Saturday, September 13, 2014

Season of Blooms..... slowly coming to a close around here. The nights have been cooler. Had a light frost last night. The more delicate plants didn't fare very well. The morning glories are making their appearance late this year. They are giving it their all though. The blues have finally started blooming. They look real pretty wrapped around the trunk of a pine tree and managed to reach the lower branches.

The wild flower garden up front still has touches of color. Most of it has gone to seed in preparation for next year's riot of color.

Only a couple of weeks left before lambs make their appearance. A couple of my ewes are incredibly heavy with lamb. One ewe is so lamb heavy that she waddles! I've been trying to get "lamb bump" photos but have been unsuccessful. Either the ewes I'm attempting to photograph turn camera-shy or they decide it's time for cuddles. I think they just want to keep their "lamb bumps" to themselves. I did have an unusual experience with one of my older ewes. She had come up for belly rubs. I was leaning over her rubbing her side when I felt a small kick in the knee. I had been kicked by an unborn lamb! It was an amazing experience and my ewe looked so pleased with herself that she was able to share this with me. I love my sheep!  :)

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