Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yet another pincushion.....

......which helps pass the time while I'm healing. This isn't one of my favorites. I really don't care for the fabric the design was stitched on. Matka I think it's called. I did learn a new technique for fusible web appliqué which is pretty neat when doing these pincushions. You iron a piece if fusible web to the back of the fabric you are using. Let it cool. Carefully peel the backing off...opening it up like a book. Then you trace the motif on the side of the backing that will go on top of the fusible using a fine tip sharpie marker. Place the backing back onto the fusible, sandwiching the tracing between the fusible web and the backing. Iron so the backing adheres to the fusible. Let cool. Peel the backing off and your design should now be on the fusible. Now you can cut out the motif and place it on the background. The heat from the iron transfers the ink of the sharpie to the fusible web so there is no need to reverse the design first. The things I learned with this is that you need a good sharpie. One with plenty of ink. Black works best although I did have good results with brown and red. This works on any color of fabric. Of course I would probably try to use a different color when working with black just for a bit more contrast. I like it when things are easy to see.   :)

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