Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cabled Yarn

It's done!! I have finished cabling my very first cabled yarn. I used my Ashford Country Spinner for the cabling. The bobbin is huge on it. It will hold a pound of yarn (if not more).  The cabled yarn came out soft and fuzzy. There was some of the green/blue 2-ply left so I cabled that with itself using my trusty Tabachek spindle.  Not sure of the yardage on either. The twist still needs to be set.

Yes, that is a splint on my hand in the second photo. According to my doctor I have tendon damage in my ring finger. From what....who knows. It needs to be splinted for the next few weeks in hopes that the rest will heal things. If this doesn't work the next step would be steroid shots.....followed by surgery if the shots don't work. Needless to say I'm hoping things will heal on their own with being splinted. Not sure how much (if any) spinning I will get done. Cabling was easy because I could do it with one hand......and I thigh rolled my spindle. Spinning singles is a different story though.

Knitting is very slow going but do-able. Not sure how much I will do since it is a very slow process for me. I am able to appliqué comfortably just as long as the piece is small. Cutting out the pieces is a bit challenging but do-able as long as I go slow and am patient. So I've decided to make a couple of wool appliqué pincushions while I'm on the mend. Thankfully I can still use my sewing machine. Staying busy will help the time pass.

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