Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oregon Vest

 It's finally done. After lanquishing for weeks in my rocking chair waiting for those finishing touches, it is finally done. :>) The vest is knit from hand-spun shetland lamb/kid mohair yarn.....all natural colors.

There were a few firsts with this one. First time I  have ever knitted something with pockets. First time I have ever put a zipper into a knitted garment (which I think went rather well). And it was the first time I have ever made a zipper pull (which has the Chinese character for sheep on it).  It was a fun knit. A really fun knit.  :>)

Things have been busy around here. The remodel on the guest bathroom is coming along nicely. The ceiling and walls are now painted. Light fixtures are up. Hubby is working on getting the old floor up so we can put the new floor down.  Of course that hasn't left much time for fun quilting, spinning, or knitting. I have been sneaking in bits of time here and there to work on my "Spring Sampler". It's nearly done. Just have the large basket on the bottom to finish up. Then I can "age" it.....and frame it.

(The vest is really a lighter gray in color than what it photographed. The picture of the zipper pull is more accurate as far as coloring goes.)


  1. Love your vest! I took the easy way out on mine and left out the pockets AND zipper, but it works for me and I've worn mine a lot.

  2. Hi Michelle!
    Seeing pictures of your vest is what inspired me to knit mine. :>) Thank you!!!

  3. I love the detail - there's a wonderful sense of joy and mischief about your work. Wish I had time to stay and read everything. Thank you -