Sunday, August 23, 2009

Organized Chaos

And that is what it's been like around here the last couple of weeks. Between settling the boys in and helping the youngest get packed and ready for her move to's just been plain chaotic. Well, the youngest has moved and is now settled into the dorms. She loves the campus and the town surrounding the campus. Her and her roommate get along well. .....and her "intended" lives on the floor above her. So all is well with her world. Oh, and class starts tomorrow....which she can't wait for. :.)

As for me.....well, I must confess that it is harder for me to adjust to an empty house than I thought it would be. I actually felt lost....and very, very sad. The lost feeling is slowly starting to go away. Still feel sad at times, but I'm not crying anymore.....and that's a good thing. :.) I started a new quilt project. The top is almost done. Just needs a bit more embroidery and then it will be ready for sandwiching and quilting. I've also done a lot of spinning. I just set the twist on the last of the plyed yarn today. That will make three completed skeins of yarn in the last two weeks. Quite a bit for me. :.) I've also been playing around with dyeing my batts. I've been using Border Leister for that. My experimentation hasn't quite turned out the way I was expecting....but it's still rather pretty....or at least I think so anyway. :.) It's encouraging enough that I will keep on trying until I get what I'm after. It's absolutely amazing how different the two skeins turned out even though I used the same dye colors. Didn't even mix new ones for the second skein. I had plenty left from the first.
I did finish the graduation quilt....which was aptly named "Organized Chaos". It looked absolutely beautiful on her dorm bed. Fit perfectly. :.) Her side of the room is done in bright, turquoise, purple, yellow. Real sunny. :.) This was definitely the project quilt. There are something like 72 pieced blocks in all......and 26 embroidered blocks. The whole thing is set on point (which always gives me fits). The machine quilting is rather simple. Mostly straight line quilting using a serpentine stitch and variegated thread. The embroideries are outlined with meander quilting in the background. Pictured are a couple of the embroideries found on the quilt.
Now I will end this the same way it started.....with a picture of smiling Casa. He has a perpetual smile on his face. You can't help but smile and feel happy inside every time you see him. :.)


  1. Your yarns are beautiful and that quilt is stunning!

    I can only imagine the loss you feel as your child goes to college. My youngest is a freshman in high school this year, I feel sad as well - no babies left in the nest. Scary! I so often wonder where the time has gone...........

  2. Deb, thank you for the very kind comments. :.) It is sad seeing the final child leave the nest....but I find that I am getting used to having an empty house. In fact, I'm actually starting to enjoy having an empty house. The housework is minimal (only picking up after two now)....and there is no one wanting me to go here or do that. No more making, mending, or fixing something the night before it is needed. No more getting ready to shower only to recieve a phone call saying something has to be brought up to the school right away...and then being in the car five minutes later. No more having to cancel plans because you found out that you have to attend a school 20 minutes (and it takes 25 to get there). No more "I want, I need, I must have...." It's nice actually having time to be able to do the things I have been wanting to do....and not be interrupted. To take a shower...with hot water! And it's also nice knowing that both of my kids are doing fine on their own. :.)