Sunday, August 2, 2009

My new boys :.)

Here they are!!! My new boys. :.) After a very long, but very pleasant, drive they are finally here. So meet.....Whitikin (the true black)......Casadeora (the red in the center)......and Jack-O-Lantern (the rose gray).

All 3 were gifted to me by a very generous breeder in Oregon. The drive down was lovely! We visited Sisters, Oregon....went through the Willamette National Forest (very, very pretty!!)......saw an amazing historical bridge.....and really enjoyed the lovely scenery. Had a wonderful visit with the breeder the boys came from. All of the other alpacas were very friendly.....and very, very pretty. At one point I was surrounded by babies ranging in age from 2 weeks up to a year. It was amazing!! While I was playing with babies, my hubby was getting to know the boys.

We spent the night in Eugene and loaded everyone up the next morning. They loaded very easily....and very Whitikin's case. He literally ran into the trailer and squeezed himself between Casa and Jack. He didn't want to be left behind. :.) The trip back up was just as nice as the one going down. We took a different way home and saw so many beautiful things. Every time we would stop heads would pop up. It got to be quite comical. "Are we there yet??" :.) We arrived home late yesterday afternoon. Unloading went very quickly. The boys were more than ready to see their new home and meet the flock.

Here is Whitikin saying hello to Q-Tip. Q-Tip is always one of the first to greet any newcomers. He is almost as curious as Whitkin is.

I was a little nervous about the boys meeting the llamas....especially Cavi. He's the alpha male of the flock and everyone knows it. Things went much better than I expected. :.) Below is a picture of Whitkin (told you he was curious) saying hello to Cavi. This was one of my favorite moments from yesterday.

Of course the thing I wasn't expecting was the bit of tension between Levi and the new boys. Levi (my white llama) is very, very friendly.....and very curious. So when there was a bit of tension between him and the new boys I was stumped. Couldn't figure it out until I remembered that the breeder had a light colored herdsire that was aggressive with the boys. Then it all made sense. So I watched and waited. While there was still a bit of ears laid back (on Jack's part) things went pretty well. Levi showed no signs of aggression at all. At one point, Cavi felt Jack was being too aggressive (with the growling and ears laid back) with Levi and actually stepped between the two. After that, things calmed down. It will take a bit of time, but I think everyone will become great friends. :.) And I think Cavi will retain his status as Alpha male of the group. After all, he does tower over everyone.....which makes him very happy. :.) As for me....well, I'm on cloud nine with happiness. My flock finally seems complete and I have some wonderful fiber to play with. What more could I ask for. :.)


  1. Congratulations on a safe trip, new fiber pets, and a successful introduction into the flock!

  2. Thanks! I still can't believe they are actually here. :.)

  3. I read some of your previous posts and have a question... What is fractal spinning??? I have been trying to figure this out and am stumped.
    You can email me privately at
    BTW, beautiful alpaca.