Friday, July 10, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted to my blog. Life got busy for a it tends to do from time to time. While I haven't gotten much spinning done.....or been able to play with fiber very much.....I have managed to squeeze in some knitting. Pictured above is one pair of socks that I have finished recently. These are for me. The pattern used was a Broad Spiral Rib.....which can be found in the book "More Sensational Knitted Socks". The yarn used was Lorna's Lace Shepard Sock yarn. It was a lovely yarn to knit with. I had started knitting with it using a different pattern, but was not happy with the way the colors were pooling. Love the way the yarn and the Broad Spiral Rib pattern play so nicely. :.) The socks fit beautifully and will be a dream to wear....once it gets cool enough that is.

This second pair of socks is still on the needles. The pattern is called "Fear Not the Cold" by a designer in Colorado. I'm a test knitter for this pattern, so it's not available just yet. I opted to use one of my hand-spun yarns for this sock. The yarn I'm using is a Corriedale/Merino/Targhee blend (natural color). The yarn is about 14 WPI. After doing a swatch using different sized needles, I finally decided to knit the pattern using a 3.0mm needle (US size 2 1/2). I just really loved the way the swatch looked. Gave me a nice tight knit while still retaining the stretch. This is knitting up at 6 1/2 inches per stitch. The pattern gave the choice of either continuing the leg stitch pattern on the foot or switching to ribbing instead. I chose to switch to the ribbing. It's a feels a bit softer and should be more comfortable for wear. The finished socks are for my hubby who will wear them with his hiking boots. So I want to make sure they not only fit him well, but are comfortable as well.

It's been a definite learning experience. The heel on this sock is a short-row heel with wrapped stitches. Something I have never done before. The toe is will also be done the same way. The pattern is written to where you have to have specific measurements so it can be custom fit. You figure out your cast-on and all the other things needed to knit a pair of socks. Another first for me. I'm so used to following a pattern and only having to do minor adjustments in order to get a nice fit. :.) I should have the first sock finished in a day or so. Hope to start the second sock soon after. It should go much quicker since I already have things figured out.

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