Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fiber Fun!!

I have been able to play on my spinning wheel lately and here is the end results. :.) This first yarn is a Shetland/nylon blend.....just for socks. The Shetland is from my own sweet sheep, Sophie. I dyed the fiber prior to carding/blending. The colors were layered during the final run through the carder. I really like the way it turned out. Can't wait to knit it up into socks.

This fun yarn was spun from wool top from Louet. The colorway is Circus. I spun it using the fractal spinning techinque. This will eventually be made into socks for my youngest. She really loves the way the yarn turned out. I just hope the socks turn out as nice. This yarn was spun from hand-dyed Targhee top that I had purchased over a year ago. I was looking for something a bit different to play with. It is also spun using a deviation of the fractal spinning technique. Gave me some really soft looking yarn.....which will end up being knit into a pair of socks....some day.

This colorful yarn was spun from hand-dyed superwash wool that I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for something fun to demonstrate the fractal spinning technique with.....and this worked perfectly. I even knitted up a small sample from the yarn I had spun while demonstrating the technique. Turned out quite nice. I'm thinking I will use this yarn to knit a pair of socks for my loving hubby.

I have always spun my colorful hand-dyed fibers using the fractal spinning technique.....or some deviation of it. Just never knew what it was called until recently. :.) I always thought I was doing something wrong since my yarn never striped when it was knitted up. Now I know better. :.)


  1. Wow!! What beautiful yarns! I am almost done with my first sock and I can see already that I am going to be addicted. I have already started spinning in my head the different colors for socks. Did you just blend the nylon on the carder with the wool? Was it before or after dye?
    What a great job of spinning, you should be very proud!

  2. Thanks, Dori Ann, for such kind comments. :.) I like to blend the nylon with the wool as I'm carding it up. I feel this distributes the nylon a bit more evenly throughout the wool. With the Shetland yarn pictured, I dyed the wool prior to carding and blending. Since the nylon wasn't dyed, it softened the colors of the wool....which was a very nice effect. :.)

    I love knitting socks!! All the different patterns and techniques. And spinning for socks has been just totally amazing!! :.)

  3. Beautiful yarn, I can see a sweater made from this! The socks get hidden and it's too pretty to hide.