Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday

It's a beautiful day here. Clear skies, lots of sunshine. You can hear the Nuthatches chattering away as they collect pine cone seeds. I was greeted by this wonderful site in the garden.
It's always a pleasant surprise when one of these blooms. It's not something I planted. All I can think of when I see one is "boy, those bees were sure busy last year!" Now I'm wondering if this will carry through in the seeds produced. Yup. I'm collecting seeds like crazy!!  :-)

The beautiful bloom is not the only new thing around here. I brought home a "souvenir" of sorts from the fair. Here is my new ram, Finbar. He's almost five months old. He's out of Thistlebloom Clara and Boulderneigh Bluster. I love him and think he is perfect. He's such a sweetie and is so incredibly soft! 

It's not a very flattering photo of him. He was looking into the morning sun. It's the best one I've gotten so far. He's in with my young ram, Hamish, and whenever they see me they both come running up for some loving. Needless to say I end up with photos like this:
Or this....
Or this....


  1. How fun to see a bit of Boulderneigh on your blog!

    1. What a small world! Do you remember much about Boulderneigh Bluster?

  2. Oh yes, even though he and his twin Blizz were some of my first lambs.