Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Smoke on the Horizon

While we are in no immediate danger from wildfires, they are close enough to where the skies are smoke-filled. The sun is red.....the lighting eerie. Definitely not idea conditions for an asthmatic like me to be outdoors.


  1. I hope the danger doesn't get any closer! Sometimes it seems like the whole West Coast is burning....

    1. I think most of this side of the state is. Tragic news tonight. Three firefighters died.....four were sent to the hospital with burns, one critical. My heart goes out to their family and friends.....

    2. Rick is on the phone as I type; a couple that goes to our church is in Stage 2 evacuation mode because of a forest fire that broke out near them this afternoon. If they have to evacuate, we've told them we'll put them up – along with their five dogs and cats.

    3. Oh my! I hope things go well with the couple from your church. It's a very frightening and stressful situation to be in. We were evacuated from our home last year due to wild fires. The not knowing is the worse.